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Welcome to Taste Singapore

At Taste, you will enter a world of epicurean delight with the best gourmet supermarket in Singapore. It is an experience that goes far beyond tasty eating - it is a lifestyle.

We celebrate the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, and the foundation of that is conscious eating. About knowing the importance of food, not just how good it is, but the love and effort put into getting that fish or that steak onto your hands. Everyone loves a good meal in Singapore and a good meal starts from that fresh, crisp vegetable to that skilfully aged beef from Singapore butchers to the passionate work of experts who creates that tasty good meal. TASTE brings to you a complete food experience to offer the opportunity for sg foodies to understand what comprises a genuinely good meal. Not only do we ensure the freshest and best quality produce in our grocer, we also guide you on how to do the produce justice.

Taste is the destination for all those people that has earned the accolade of one of the best restaurants in Singapore and presents varied collection of cuisines. Out establishment offers the best guideline for combining healthy and tasty food items and we offer the opportunity for sg foodies to understand what comprises a genuinely good meal. Our motto to serve fresh and quality food items to the people of Singapore remains unflawed and we have the intention to improve the level of variation in an uncompromising manner and use highest quality ingredients. We express sincere thanks to all those food lovers that visit this place to enjoy good and healthy meals.


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Otto’s Deli Fresh

May 24, 2017 by

Otto’s Deli Fresh is the new deli and all-day restaurant inspired by the career and vision of Chef Otto Weibel, one of the most respected veterans of Singapore F&B. Located away from the city it is dedicated to the needs of the neighbourhood, community, and family. The deli section draws on Chef Otto’s vast experience and personal connections to offer a personally curated food selection of exquisite provenance and quality, at superb value. The dine-in restaurant celebrates the Chef’s personal tastes and expert skills, which imbue the homespun recipes with refined gourmet flavours, and with a sense of familiar comfort. Otto’s Deli Fresh is both the fulfillment of a dream to bring people together through good food and a platform for nurturing young chefs, continuing Chef Otto’s lifelong support and mentorship of the local F&B industry.

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